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TiM ERP accounting software

TiM ERP is a modern accounting software that allows you to effectively manage your business. The program works online, all you need is an internet browser.

-Invoicing, shipping, invoice
-Review of the balance of trade receivables and trade payables
-Export of e-banking from e-banking software, printing e-banking for bank
-Report sales reports, procurement review, business review
- Insights into calculations, KEP books or DPU listings for caterers and prints as needed

The TiM ERP software enables the cash register program. The cash register works on the principle of online synchronization which means that you can follow in real time from any place how your retail works. There is also support for catering facilities and touchscreen displays.

Supported fiscal devices:
-Gull: FP550, GP550, GP100, GP350
-HCP: Integra, Best (NO LC), Flexi, P2-DS, Secunda, Prima
-ComTrade: ONE, ONE P
-EI: Colibri, Favorite
-Geneko: FP-200, SuperCash S
-INT Raster: FP-600, DP-05, DP-25, DP-35